The boats
The boats we use at Laguna Eco Adventures are exclusively traditional wooden boats, still today are the only kind of boat in the lagoon wich give confort and functionality at the same time, togheter with an elegance without time.
The common characteristic of all boats in the lagoon of Venice and everywhere in the high Adriatic sea, beyond the extremely simple construction, is definetly the flat bottom, feature wich allows all our boats to reach without any problem even the farest corner of the lagoon, where the water is very shallow.
The traditional sailing tecnique in the high Adriatic is known as vela al terzo, “sail at the third” where third stays for the place where the mast is, at one third of the boat, and because of the point where the sail is tyied, at one third of the lenght of the high boom.
The bragozzo
We have may kind of traditional boats in the lagoon of Venice, from the famous gondola to the enormous bragozzo.
At Laguna Eco Adventures basically we use boats of three kind: the sanpierota, the topo and the bragozzo.
Some topo
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