Tour 1: Secrets of the lagoon
Do you want to discover the lagoon of Venice? This is you option.
Get on our traditional boat and discover the hidden treasures of the northern lagoon in a private tour. 
In this tour you’ll have an entire boat all yours and you will have the oportunity to enjoy the lagoon of Venice by its best point of view.
During this tour you will enjoy a stunning wild nature and plenty of island to discover: Murano, Burano, Mazorbo, Torcello, S.Francesco del deserto, S.Erasmo, Isola del lazzaretto nuovo, S.Andrea’s fortress, isola della Certosa. Get on board! You just can’t miss it!!!


Duration: from 3 to 8* hours
Cost: from 50 €

Tour 2- Venice Harbour
Want to escape from the crowd and relax on a private boat for a few hours? This tour is exactly what you are looking for. 
Get on our traditional boat and cruise through some wonderful canals untill we reach the open lagoon. Now you will enjoy the fantastic skyline of the city and  relax on the quite waters surrounding this incredible city and see some beautiful islands that lie in silence just one mile away from the historical center.
Do you want to know Venice and its lagoon as venetian know them? This is your option. 

Duration: from 2 to 4 hours
Cost: from 40 € 

Tour 3: Sailing through history
Sail “al terzo” with our “Sampierota” and enjoy the history and the wilderness of the southern lagoon like an old Adriatic fisherman. 
During this tour you will be able to visit the island of Poveglia, the ancient town of Malamocco, the town if Alberoni with its beach and its forest and the old fishermen’s houses in the remotest corner of the southern lagoon.

Duration: from 3 to 8* hours
Cost: from 150 €

* This is a sporting activity. In no-wind conditions the tour will be completed using the engine. 

Tour 4 - Notturno veneziano
Enjoy the magic of Venice by night from its best point of view: the water. This is a private tour that will leave you speachless.
Get on our traditional boat and enjoy the sun setting beyond Venice drinking a good glass of wine, then get lost in the magic silence and the misterious darkness of this incredible city. Much better and much more complete than a simple gondola ride.
The tour starts from Rialto half an hour before dusk and will take you through the Grand Canal to San Marco. After the sunset we will take you around some incredible little canals back to Rialto, in the middle of venetian nightlife, or right to your hotel or your restaurant.
You just can’t miss it!

Duration: 2,5 hours
Cost: from 120 €
Maximum 5 people per boat
tel: +39 329 7226289